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There is no dearth of avid lottery players in Singapore. Everyone enjoys the opportunity to win big at the minimal cost of a lottery ticket; and 90agency ensures that you enjoy this opportunity on our platform.

For this express purpose; 90agency has collaborated with SBC88, the world leader in 4D lottery. Our motivation for collaborating with this popular 4D lottery entity is our desire to give every Singaporean a fair shot at winning big with 4D lottery. It’s definitely all the thrills of playing the lottery; but in a convenient, hassle-free, digital format; courtesy of SBC88.

Popularity of 4D Lottery in Singapore

4D lottery is arguably the most popular lottery type in Singapore. This widely-known computerized lottery system often throws up big winners in Singapore, individuals whose fortunes change overnight. Furthermore, with 52% of adult Singaporeans indulging in gambling activities, according to a survey conducted in 2017; it is pretty apparent that the 4D lottery format draws in many avid Singaporean gamblers.

Bearing the above in mind; it is only natural for a gambling platform such as 90agency to ensure that Singaporeans have access to the 4D lottery format, owing to our valued partnership with SBC88.

Advantages of 4D lottery on 90agency

Not only is the 4D lottery format popular in Singapore, but in fact these lottery tickets are widely available in the country. However, 4D lottery on 90agency comes with certain benefits and advantages, which are as listed below…

  • Anytime, anywhere lottery purchase, simply by logging in to the 90agency website
  • The 90agency website gives you free access to a wide range of 4D lottery types; courtesy of SBC88
  • Play the lottery and win big, anytime and anywhere, and all you need is access to the internet on a digital device, and a dollar or two to purchase a winning lottery ticket
  • Track the results on the 90agency platform itself
Benefits of 4D Lottery on 90agency

Apart from the advantages of playing 4D lottery on the 90agency platform; there are many benefits as well, which are as listed below…

  • No need to step out of your home to buy a lottery ticket
  • Eliminate the chances of being duped by fraudulent lottery operators
  • Enjoy a legit and secure 4D lottery experience; courtesy of 90agency and SBC88
  • Pay small and win big; the very essence of the 4D lottery experience
Safe and Secure Lottery Gaming

Your lottery playing experience amounts to nothing if you aren’t paying for a fair chance at winning big. Unfortunately, there is an abundance of fraudulent entities claiming to be lottery operators, that do not provide you that fair chance at winning big at the cost of a lottery ticket.

However, with 90agency and SBC88, you are ensured a grand monetary prize, as and when you pick the winning 4 digits, as is required with 4D lottery. This is a transparent and fair automated lottery draw process, that determines the winner without bias, and without human intervention. To play 4D lottery today; sign up for a 90agency account.